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Environmental Policy

Purpose and Context

We know that our operations have an impact on the environment. In the context of our responsibility we aim to minimise this impact by establishing, promoting, monitoring and continuously improving our environmental policy.

The values and principles on which our environmental policy is founded are:

  • The minimisation of the environmental impact of each specific operation or activity as seen in a holistic context;

  • The active development of an environmentally aware company-wide culture and the active endorsement and support of employee initiatives;

  • The active, self-disciplined compliance with environmental regulations and laws.

Environmental Principles and Practices

We are committed to constantly evaluate all our operating procedures aiming to continuously improve their environmental performance in such areas as reduction of either direct or indirect greenhouse gas emissions by our activities, overall energy efficiency, and waste minimisation and recycling;

In this context we have taken and we will continue to implement specific measures and practical initiatives:

  • Avoidance of business travel or in-city transportation for meetings when they may be efficiently replaced by virtual-conferencing

  • Reduction of commuting by adopting remote-working or hybrid work arrangements

  • Reduction of office space, and therefore of energy consumption, by establishing a shared office policy in combination with hybrid remote-working work arrangements

  • Using shared facilities (meeting rooms, restaurants, lobbies) in organised business centres, which are themselves in environmentally smart buildings with energy management

  • Usage of energy efficient laptops and workstations

  • Avoidance of energy-hungry equipment such as servers and refrigerated data rooms

  • Whenever possible, use of cloud services operated in energy efficient data centres

  • Selection of low emission, hybrid or electric company cars

  • Company-wide no-print policy to reduce paper and toner consumption

  • Active promotion of digital-only communication both within the company and with our business partners, customers and suppliers

  • Unless absolutely necessary, avoidance of exchange of hardcopy or removable media via couriers

  • Usage of rechargeable batteries for small office equipment and organised disposal and recycling of batteries

  • Organised recycling of all cardboard, paper, metal, glass and plastic packaging

  • Use of filtered tap water instead of bottled drinking water

  • Further improvement of our employees’ environmental behaviour by raising awareness and best everyday practices

  • Promotion of our environmental values to our business partners

QMS-022-P v.2